Commercial name: Black Vulcano
Color : Dark gray, uniform
Aspect: Flat, smooth surface, with rare reliefs in stratified form
Surface: Natural cleft
Material: Natural slate 
Substrate: Epoxy – polyester resin
Hardness: (Mohs): 3
Water absorption: 0,61%
Density: 1,63 g/cc

Porosity: 1,31%
Tensile strength: 20,05 N/mm2 (204,37 Kg/cm2)
Flammability: Not supporting to the flame. Non flammable.
Available sizes: 60x120 cm – 120x240 cm
Dimensional tolerance: ±1~2 mm / ±1~2 °
Thickness: 1.5 to 3.0 mm
Average weight per sheet (60x120cm): 1.6 Kgs (~2 Kgs/m2)
Backlit version: available
Fire resistant version: on request