New arrivals: the sandstones

The LITEST1 collection is enriched with two new products in sandstone with innovative quality and texture. WHITE GIGLIO, white and uniform like a high quality marble, with fine and regular grain, ideal for elegant and refined applications. The YELLOW GEMINI, with warm colors and soft veins that are always different, almost representing the dunes of an infinite desert. Perfect for modern creations with a touch of ancient warmth. Available in 120x60 cm sheets.


LOTUS becomes anti-scratch.

Slates are soft stones and easily subject to scratches and abrasions. To preserve the natural cleft surface intact, we have added special additives to the LOTUS and the final result is a definitive protection together with a slight enhancement of the colors. The surface remains natural, but protected from scratches.


Water and oil resistant stones?

Now you can! Marmilame presents LOTUS

 What if you could make your stones, marbles, tuff, granite etc. oil and water resistant? Now you can! Marmilame is proud to present its new, amazing product: LOTUS, the protective product specifically created for marbles and stones.

How does LOTUS work? LOTUS is a water based product which deeply penetrates through the capillary pores up to few millimeters under the surface. It is totally invisible once fully dried and the natural appearance of the materials remains unchanged. Vapor permeable, fast drying, LOTUS leaves unchanged the breathability of the treated surfaces and does not alter upon exposure to U.V. rays.

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The future is now!