Water-based hydro-oleophobic protector specific for stones and marbles

Water based product, specific for protect porous surface of stones, marble, brick, tuff, granite, slate, etc. from water and oil.
Deep penetrating through the capillary pores up to few millimeters under the surface.

Totally invisible once fully dried, the natural appearance of the materials remains absolutely unchanged.

Vapor permeable, leaves unchanged the breathability of the treated surfaces.
Fast drying, chemically stable and not altered upon exposure to U.V. rays.

Gives to the support an amazing "bouncing drops" effect (lotus effect).


How to use.

The surfaces to be treated must be clean and undamaged: remove loose particles and, with suitable products, soluble salts and any mold and/or algae. The product is ready for use and must be applied on dry surfaces, possibly cold or otherwise not exposed to strong sun rays.
Can be applied with a low pressure spray pump, brush or roller. The maximum hydro-repellence is obtained by impregnation of the material up to saturation, but significant results are obtained already with the "wet-on-wet" application of two coats of the product.
The optimum amount to be applied, depending on the desired result, will always be determined by a preliminary test on a small area.
The full functionality is obtained within 24 hours after application.

Shake well before using.
Protect the eventual surrounding vegetation and all surfaces which must not be treated.

On some surfaces, due to special composition or previous treatments, the sealant might not give the expected performance. Always make a preventive test on a sample surface and check the results after 24-48 hours. The product is not suitable for polished or smooth surfaces and with low absorption properties.
Must be not diluted. Use as is.

Specific weight: ~1 Kg/l
Overpainting after: 6~8 hours
Complete dry time: 24~36 hours
Minimum storage temperature: 5 °C
Application rate: 8~20 Mq/l, depending of material porosity and surface absorption.