• Epoxy coated stone sheet
  • 120 cm x 60 cm (All colors)
  • 240 cm x 120 cm (Selected colors)
  • 5 to 3.0 mm thickness
  • Average weight per sheet : 1.6kgs. (~2 Kg/m2)
  • Available colors and textures : 15
  • ±1 to 2 mm length as well as in width of the sheets
  • ±1 to 2 degrees at right angle to be expected
  • Surface is natural cleft
  • Tested up to -25 °C & highest up to 50 °C.



Natural stones products inherently lack uniformity and are subject to variation in aesthetics (color, shade, finish, etc.) and performance (hardness, strength, slip resistance, etc.) No warranties, express or implied, relative to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are made regarding the natural stone products. Check local building codes prior to installation to verify that product technical characteristics comply with required parameters.


LITESTONE can be glued to surfaces using most standard laminate adhesives having a thick body or foaming quality. If the application is outdoors, consideration to thermal expansion should be taken into account. Pressure sensitive adhesives are also recommended. If you are planning to install the LITESTONE on your cemented walls, prepare the back surface applying a thin layer of epoxy gel behind the sheets and spread small sand chips/ sand grains all over the sheet, let that dry for the necessary curing time. For wet environment the use of epoxy is best, also used as a sealant applied on the surface to avoid scratches and abrasion. On concrete floors and walls epoxy gel can be directly used as adhesive and filler. We recommend making a test area with any adhesive prior to final application. Thickness equalizing additions made by rubber sheets, especially in flooring, can protect the veneers from being damaged.


Diamond blades used for marble and stone cutting, metal cutting tools and any standard carbide or diamond saw blades can be used for cutting.