Marmilame has been active in the stone cutting field since 1966, becoming a worldwide excellence in the production of saw blades for cutting granite blocks into slabs.

More recently, the company has decided to diversify its activity, starting a cooperation with a multinational chemical company specializing in the production of epoxy systems for the trading of epoxy resins to be used for the treatment and reinforcement of natural stones.

From the union of these 2 activities has born the project LITEST1: an innovative industrial process that allows for the creation of the thinnest sheets of authentic natural stone available in the market. The final result is a product that is at the same time ecological, extremely easy to use, and elegant in its numerous possible applications.

LITESTONE – Eco, Easy, Elegant

LITESTONE is a sheet of real natural stone, sliced thinly using a special process, and has been designed to meet the growing need for quality surface finishes. LITESTONE behaves like any normal stone  under the elements. As such it is typically used for feature walling and ceilings, furniture, indoors or out, and can also be used in water features.

Eco-friendly, due to the small use of stone, and so lightweight that allows to dramatically decrease the costs of transport and of mounting on-site.

Easy, can be cut as preferred with minimum effort and simple tools. Can be easily installed on every kind of surface, straight or curve, and fixed with a wide variety of glues, resins and cements.

Elegant, with amazing results when applied on surfaces, allows exciting new design possibilities for architects and interior designers. Moreover, the use of backlit effects makes possible to discover applications with incredible esthetic effects, never seen before with a natural stone.