Applications of LITESTONE

Furniture production.

Many new design possibilities through very simple processing and machining. Cladding of panels, closet doors, tops, countertops, doors and even curved surfaces.Possibility of backlit for astonishing effects.

Automotive, naval, industries.

Trains and planes cabins, yachts, elevators, car interiors, etc.


Coatings, decorative panels, refinishing of columns and curved surfaces, ceilings, tiling. Every-day-life things such as picture frames, boxes, covers etc. can be turned into a designer’s product.

Color variations

LITESTONE is made by natural stones, color and texture variations are the property of the material. Texture variations with color difference are a inherent part of the natural beauty of the material. Stone veneer cannot be guaranteed to match with each lot, it is recommended, if needed, that material should be ordered and accepted in lots of 2O,4O,5O sheets to match.


LITESTONE can be used to create a tiled effect by leaving a grout joint between cut pieces of material. If you decide to use water-based epoxy grouts, the epoxy can also be used to seal and fill the surface. It is recommended in this installation that the entire surface is sealed with epoxy as a final step to ensure complete satisfaction.

Curvature and bending

LITESTONE can be bent with same flexibility as any plastic sheet product. This product can be bent in concave and convex forms, or arched or radial forms depending on the nature of curve. LITESTONE can be bent or flexed to a radius of 380mm along the 1200mm length. The 600mm width will also have a slight flex to it, but is not recommended for bending.

Due to the nature of the different thickness of the individual items, the degree of radius varies per item. We recommend testing the flex of the considered item prior to final installation.

Backlit effects.

Ask for LITESTONE backlit materials for create amazing and incredible effects, where the natural stone textures and colors can interact whit light rays making extraordinary results. Sheets can be used in illumination application such as lamp shades or back light applications as translucent material or the other translucency applications.